Parse API response into a single row in the database

Hello guys,

Please bear with me, what I’m about to explain can appear to be confusing, nonetheless I hope someone can help me.

My problem:

I’m trying to insert the response of an API request in the database but Bubble creates a new line per objects whereas I want the values to be in the same line but in different columns which should not be surprising because it’s how it should be. Here the response I get:

As you can see below, the response is composed of two types of data: Name and Value. What I would like Bubble to do is parse the Value’s value in each corresponding Name’s value. The Value’s value is actually the Name’s value value. For instance: DEFAULT_LOCALE is the Data type and fr is it’s value.

Unfortunately, even if I create different data types corresponding to the Name’s value, I didn’t manage to tell Bubble to parse the Value’s value in the corresponding Name’s value in the database.

I even edited the raw data to get the result I wished but the database was filled with blank lines. Here is how I edited the raw data :

Here is the result I get:

Not only is it blank but it also creates a new line for each value whereas I would like it to be in the same line and in each corresponding column.

Thank you guys !

Where are the WFs that are saving the response; that’s probably where the issue is?

Workflow for the standard request

Backend workflow:

Front-end workflow (for your analysis you can stop at the Step 8 because it’s a terminate workflow, after that it’s only steps for test purpose they don’t play an active role in the workflow)

Front-end :

When I click save I ask Bubble to first create a new Customer name in a table called Customers’brands then I ask it to create a new Customer Clever Cloud ID in a table called Environment variables (Front) (where all my variables are present) so it will first register the Customer Clever Cloud ID and the Customer name, then I ask it to make change in the Customers Brand’s table to add the ID of the corresponding Environment variables (front) so they may be linked, and finally I ask it to connect with the right plugin and schedule the API workflow to insert the API response.

Unfortunately, instead of inserting every value in the same line, it creates new lines.

As for the workflow with the edited raw data, here it is:



As you can see, it’s the same workflow logic, only the values change, but I end up with blank lines in the database.