Value from API call not saved in Database

Hello guys,

Got one issue which will solve a lot of problem for me and for my understanding.
My goal is to save all JSON response from API call into the Bubble Database.

Here is the JSON response :

I am able to store value from section" say product :
product_sport_id / product_number Events / product_label
But I’m not able to populate for example the jackpot_amount which is in a different “section” of the API response.

Thank you for your help :pray:

Have you tried testing this with jackpot amounts which are non-zero?

In general, i would recommend changing the ‘Parameter Definition’ of the APi call to Detect Data instead of Manual definition. It’s the better/quicker/more reliable/ more foolproof method to fetch the structure of API calls.

Follow this documentation:


I think I was checking the wrong API structure. It is showing now :


I now need to understand if it is technically possible to save each main object of the API call in the same Data row.

Let’s say I want in the same row : “product sport label” from Get Post Opened Grids grid and “jackpot amount” from Get Post Opened Grids grid. Is that possible ?

Many thanks :slight_smile: