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Parsing XML via API Connector?

Has anyone had luck using the XML parse function of the API connector? I am trying to read/parse this:

but all i receive in bubble is a list of empty elements. In postman everything is as expected & if I set the API connector to receive text, i also can see the XML structure expected. The problem seems to be that the API connector doesn’t look in the XML attributes… which seems pretty silly.

I believe i could make a plugin or use a backend workflow to parse via javascript, but before banging my head against that wall, i figured i’d ask the group.


Seem that Bubble cannot parse it. I think you should send a support ticket for that. I tested in Integromat and the parsing was working. May be a bug or a limitation, I’m not sure.

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Talked to support (thanks @eve !) Sounds like it’s a reported issue that’s being looked into. I’ll report back for posterity if/when there is a fix or workaround.

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Hi - did you ever find a solution to this?

Nope not yet. I’m working on a plug-in to do it! Got a little sidetracked by pandemic etc. I’ll post when it’s done :grin:

Got it. How would the plugin work? Would you have to call the API as text and then run it through another function to parse it?

Looking for a very quick solution to this so would really appreciate any insights.

@brendan.falk97 You can use integromat to convert to json

Yeah that’s the idea. Like Jici says there are other ways to do it, I just want an easy bubble based way to build a workflow on.

Hey guys, I came across the exact same issue and reported it as a bug, they’ve pushed a fix for it now. Yet to test it properly but it seems it’s working as expected.


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oh snap, that’s great. Looking forward to trying it out