XSD / XML parsing

I’m a new to bubble.

I just started developing a simple travel app.

I created simple “thing” called “Flight” which contains the Flight Number, Date, Departure Airport, etc.,

I have defined an endpoint in bubble (see screenshot).

This endpoint needs to accept an xml, containing “flight” details below


The XSD is available here


Question: How do I map the xml fields to my bubble thing called “Flight”?

When my bubble endpoint is called it should create records in the bubble thing “Flight”

Ideally, is there a visual editor like the one we have when we call a external API endpoint from Bubble?


I think you’re looking for Bubble’s API Connector. You can use that to make a call to external API’s from Bubble. I’d do a forum search for the API Connector, and definitely check out the documentation and training videos. I’m 90% sure this is what you’re looking for. Good luck!

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Thanks for help !

Yes, I’m aware of Bubble’s API connector. It is for connecting from bubble to an external end point. I’m using it to connect to several external services. Here the call is initiated by Bubble.

What I’m struggling with is - how do I connect an external service to Bubble, so that the external service can post to my App hosted in bubble. Here the call is initiated by the external service.

Ah, my mistake. I haven’t played with this yet, sorry!

Any luck in getting this working? Im looking to import xml into a thing as well…

Hi there,

No, I have not been able to make progress on this.

What I ended up doing is this:

I’m using Zapier to convert the XML into JSON and send the JSON to bubble.

Based on what I have seen and tried, bubble seems capable of parsing a JSON.

This worked for my initial requirement - parsing a pretty flat JSON file and creating a thing.

However, please note that there is a bubble limitation - it cannot parse multiple instances for a thing in a JSON payload. See my forum posting on this topic.

I hope this helps.


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How are your converting XML to JSON via Zapier? I searched Zapier, and found nothing.

@csblack - you can define a webhook in zapier for this. Zapier will be able to process the XML input and get the key-value pairs. You can then customise the zapier ouput.

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Does any one knows how to convert / export the bubble database to a XML, so i can download this xml in the site?? Now Bubble only supports download as CSV.

@madras @andrewgassen