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Party Reservations Date and Time

I’m creating a party reservations for a restaurant. The Minimum time the reservations can be made is 6am and can not go later than 10pm. Also reservations can’t last longer than 6 hours. What I am attempting to do is after the Check-in date and time is selected only allow that date to be selected in the calendar up to 12am the next morning.

There are two problems I have with the date and time functions. First my check-out selector doesn’t read and block the check-in selector time. For instance if I put in March 18, 2017 11:00AM the times prior to 11:00AM still show. Second, I can’t figure out how to make the cutoff at 12AM the following day. If I put 24 the calendar doesn’t work? Any assist would be much appreciated.


Not showing specific times is something the Bubble team would have to implement. If you want to disable times, like 12am the next day, from being selected a just make sure you min/max limits are set by using hours.

You could also make the input invalid using a conditional statement on the input itself, if for some reason the user enters a time that doesn’t fit your criteria.

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