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How to make date and time required?

I have a form that allows one user to send an invitation to another. I’ve added a date and time field and make it required but folks are slipping by with only date selected.

Is there a way to make date and time required?


A default date will probably have a time of 12:00am or 00:00 or whatever (I haven’t checked), you could do a check to see if it is that value as a basic constraint.

It is unlikely someone will want to book an appointment at that time unless you are managing the worlds oldest profession.:wink:


I don’t want to limit the user (though I imagine there are only edge cases with a midnight start time) as we might have things like astronomy and travel scheduled.

You do not need to limit the user, you can use this as a check. i.e. if it is the default time, then force a double confirm.

Edit: I also think this is a design bug, and will raise a bug report.

@hi1, I have knocked up this demo for you to see what i mean:


I raised the bug report, and got an email back from Emmanuel that they will push a fix out shortly…so your problems will be solved soon hopefully!

That’s perfect!

How did you make it so the date and time are outlined separately in red when empty?

Thanks Dave!

Oh I think it’s fixed! I didn’t do anything yet and now if the user doesn’t enter midnight they can’t sneak by.

Thank you!!

Nearing launch,

That red boxes were there before the fix, you simply had to set the input type to Date & Time, then make sure the input cannot be empty was checked.

Glad your problems are solved.