Pass dynamic data to "price" on PayPal html button

Tonight I’ve been experimenting with the implementation of PayPal [again!]. If I use the plugin built by CoBubble, it prompts users to enter shipping information. This is great for those who need that information, but I don’t because I don’t ship a physical product.

So, in sandbox, I’ve been messing around with creating an HTML button to direct users through the PayPal checkout, where it gives me the option to bypass collecting shipping information. However, the pricing option is static as seen below:

If I enter in a price there, that is the price that a customer is charged at checkout for a particular item. This doesn’t work for me because I need to be able to pass a dynamic value into that field. I already have my site set up to the point to where pricing is accurately calculated dynamically in my shopping cart depending on what the user(buyer) has selected.

If I click “Add drop-down menu with price/option” it looks like this:


But again, this presents an issue for me because the “price” value is never static and I need the ability to pass a dynamic value into this field.

Does anyone have experience with how this can be done??

If you’re using @copilot plugin, I recommend contacting him through his email instead of the forum.

Thanks. I actually already have, I’m waiting for them to finish researching this before getting back to me. In the meantime, I occupied my time working on other stuff.

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