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Passing a url Parameter

Hello All,

How can i navigate to a page and pass a parameter to the url. for example when user click on a cell i can pass parameter “xx” to the navigated to page.


as far as i know, only way to do it is with link in text field [ url= ELEMENT’s link&parameter=WWW ] YYYY [ /url]
or with external link in link element

On a [link] element, select the ‘external url’ option, not ‘internal page’. Then hardcode the name-value pair of the parameter at the end of the ‘destination url’ value, like this:


When you go to that page you can read the parameter value using the ‘Get ? parameter from page url’ and selecting its value.

The ‘?’ denotes the start of parameters in the url; you can include multiple parameters by separating them with ‘&’

Interesting. thanks i will give that a try. Its a shame we cannot use the workflow to have something like this.

You can trigger this in the workflow: use the sequence ‘Navigation > Open an external website’.

As above, you can pass “parameters” around (if they are not things, that is a lot easier). But it can be a real pain to read them back in at times.

I tend to find storing the data on the User temporarily is the easiest way, I have done this with my Global search.

We just added this to the link and the change page action. Check the box and you’ll be able to define some key/values.



Thanks @emmanuel

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hey @emmanuel i believe i found a small bug.

when trying to pass a parameter using the workflow on the “User is logged out” event it does not succeed. if i try the same on a button it works fine. can you have a quick look.

Can you reproduce this on an app we can test? Thanks.

Here you are.

username: [email protected]
password: 1234

I have added some buttons to assist

so what is supposed to happen? There’s no parameter for the go to action on this page…

its on this page

the workflow runs if the user is logged out

Whats suppose to happen is that when page “checkifloogedout” is open and the user is not logged in then i would like to navigate the user to the index page with a parameter

That was a bug indeed, we’ll push a fix today.

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Thanks much appreciated.

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as someone who isnt a coder, can somebody give me an idea or some examples of case uses for passing a URL parameter? My brain overflows with ideas of how i can incorporate something into my app when i know how it can be used for other things. thanks a bunch!

Several parameters … They all cone after the ? And are separated by &

q = the Google search I entered (“bubble”)

And then bunch of stuff about where I did the search.

So you could pass search parameters to a search page on bubble in the same way.

You can use this where there is no “thing” to pass, so for a search you have to pass the search term.


awesome! I always wondered how to do this!

Hey guys,
somebody know if is possible to pass a temp password through an url parameter?

I am trying, but when get the temp password in the password cell using GET, I only get two characters. Is this restricted?

Thank you guys 

I haven’t tried, but I assume you can’t do that, as exposing a password in a URL is a huge security risk.