Change the parameters that were passed to the page in the URL while keeping some of them

Hi everyone, basic question here. If I have a workflow that navigates to a page, and then sends additional parameters to the page in the URL, is there a way once on that page to then change one or two of the parameters without erasing the others?

For example, say the workflow navigates to a page and passes the following parameters:

country = canada
province = ontario
city = toronto

the page URL then has &country=canada&province=ontario&city=toronto

but then have an input box on that page for city and when a value is entered in there, it then changes the city parameter in the URL only while keeping the others? So for example the page above loads, and in the input box I now type “mississauga” and press enter, and then URL then changes to


Just wondering how to do that, as this is a simple made up example to help illustrate, but it’s not uncommon for some pages to have 6 different parameters passed to it, where I then once on that page just want to do something that modifies one or two of them, without touching the others.

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