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Passing Variables Page To Page Without Vars In URL

Hey guys,

Just quickly,

I’ve built a referral program with an index WF redirect that captures vars from the initial URL to the site, stores, hides the vars from the URL then redirects to another page … and we’re still able to retrieve those vars as they’re attached to the user, without an account (login) and without writing to the database.

i.e. URL = www,site,com/?Vars1=Baldy&Vars2=Man >> >> www,site,com/coming-soon (without vars)

“Welcome to site,com Baldy Man” etc.

We’re trying to hide the ugly links to increase trust factor before signing up (from a referrer).

This works great for most browsers but Im having trouble with duck-duck-go blocking every cookie, chocolate muffin and caramel doughnut you can imagine.

Is there another efficient way to pass variables through pages without the use of the URL? (either back-end/front-end/api or plugin)?

or is the only way to write to the database? … coz Im thinking, that’ll prob end up with the same result (blockd cookie) unless the user creates an actual account to store variables?

Any advice would be much appreciated … read countless (old) threads, just wondering if there’s been any new advancements/developments by now, someone has a work-around or know or a solution coming in the near future?

Thank you,

Even when a user is not logged in, they are still a unique user and have a user ID, so you can store the referral link to the database and use this ID when they choose to signup. This is not fool proof and relies on cookies of course.

Another option would be to pass it in an option set, but this would only work short term.

Hi mate,

Yes, that’s what I’m currently doing (storing the vars attached to the non-logged in user) but duckduckgo is blocking the cookie, so I’m asking if there’s another “non-cookie” way to pass the vars without using the URL …

So far I’ve read this is achievable using php “sessions” storing data server-side vs browser and about to test this plugin “Session & Local Storage” … (the reviews suggests maybe it’s not so reliable).

I don’t know enough about bubble (and how it stores that user info as a non-logged in visitor) but obviously the method I’ve mentioned above is being blocked…

By using option sets, where is the data being stored? Browser or server-side?

A short term solution is all that’s really needed to extract variables from the index, store, hide from URL then send to another page for sign up.

And I’m a little surprised we’d need to rely on a plugin for this simple (but significant) feature as more and more users are concerned about privacy (and blocking cookies).

Appreciate your reply,

Apologies, I mean try using custom states to pass variables on page change whist user is logged out.

So a custom state variable is stored server-side (not browser)?

Because like attaching these vars to the user, it all depends where that info is being temp stored for retrieval btwn pages?

A custom state will be in a browser but only when the page is open, but for instance it can be passed to the server in a workflow on page navigation, or at any time. If you close the window then you wont have much luck.

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