Password policy - how to check for number and capital letter in password input


I have setup my web application settings password policy to be over 8 characters, require a number and capital letter. I’ve got the condition working for the 8 and over characters with count, but just wondering how I can pass the number and capital letter from the password - I assume Regex would be needed?





Here ya go! By the way, using these regex with the Instant Text plugin makes this near immediate and very nice for users.


Perfect, this is just what I needed. Very useful.

And yes thanks for the tip about the Instant Text plugin, been meaning to give it a try and implement as the built in Bubble checker has a bit of lag to it.

Again thanks @mebeingken .

FYI to anyone stumbling across this post, for the 1st part of over x amount of characters use:


Thank you for this post and feedback!

Note that you can also use Livetext for a min number of characters. The response is a lot faster than bubble:


Thx guys this is great but having issue with livetext getting input for password element. My password element has ID attribute pw and then on livetext A i add pw to Element ID. Is this correct?

What is the .* in front of [ for regix do?

when i remove the .* in front of [ it works fine


I use this on a text input, and haven’t tried with a password input.

Am i correct with linking livetext to input element?

That looks correct. The live text element sometimes has issues when using the default of visible on page load. I always uncheck that box on the element properties and then set it to visible using a workflow action on the page loaded event. Not sure that is the issue here, but the developers recommend this method.

That was the issue, thanks a lot for your help

and it works fine on text input with type password :slight_smile:

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