Secqure Passwordless Login - magic link and otp

Hello Creators,

We have launched our passwordless plugin for Bubble. Now you can use this plugin to make your bubble app more powerful by adding login for your users in no time.
We offer Login via Email Magiclink and OTP over email/phone. The SMS OTP is currently Live for India and we are in the process of adding SMS for other countries as well.
Demo page with Magic Link - Bubble | No-code apps
step-by-step documentation for using the plugin:
We are available for your support and troubleshoot issues in case you have any.

  • Team Secqure


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We launched global sms for OTP , will update the documents soon.

our document is now updated with SMS OTP and Magic Link integration with bubble.

We have noticed that while you using the secure passwordless login plugin, if you have not configured your test URL in the dashboard, you may get an error. We have updated the documentation with special notes about this configuration.