Patreon Clone by BLD

Hey there!

We just added our second template on for sale! In addition to the User Voting template, we now also have the Patreon Clone template for sale!

This template takes advantage of Stripe’s Connect feature that allows users to register as sellers on your website. Currently, the template allows content creators to add rewards to their profile and have other users purchase them. Additionally, creators can edit their profiles by uploading a new cover photo, profile picture, adding their bio, and social media links.

Additionally, to have a user be eligible to receive funding, they must complete verification which is done through Stripe. The workflow-aspect of this feature is completed, however you will have to setup the Stripe plugin yourself with your own API keys, etc.

The template in its current version has all of the base features added, but more will be implemented soon! Please note that the template does not have the best aesthetics at the moment, as the template is mainly meant for users who are interested in having a good starting point for a Patreon-like website.

Some of our planned features are: Creators list/discovery page, Patrons funding history, more options for Creator profiles, and more!

You can purchase the template here: and you can check out the demo here:

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions/comments/concerns!

– BL Design

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Nice! Could this be used as a marketplace payments mechanicsm (ex. like paying someone on fiverr to draw you a logo, etc.)? Would each user have to create their own stripe account through, or could this be a managed account under the app’s stripe account?

Hey there!

Thanks for checking out the template!

This template “could” be used for something like that, but it wouldn’t really be optimized for that purpose.

I’ll create a template like that later this week, so be sure to look out for that! :slight_smile:

On this template, each content creator has to create their own Stripe account and “link” it to their account on the website. This way, the money that users give to that Creator go directly to the creator.

On the Kickstarter template I created, the creators do not have their own Stripe accounts and the money goes directly to the owner of the website, assuming that they will divy the money up to the creators.

Hope I helped, and please feel free to let me know if you have any other queries!

Hi, I´m interested but the site to purchase dont work.
Please check and DM pls.

Hi there, @robertmcanulty13!

This template is no longer available. I’m sorry for any inconvenience that this causes.

Hi, thanks for answer.

Do you know any alternative for patreon clon?


Sure thing, @robertmcanulty13!

If you head over to then you can get in touch with one of Bubble’s partners to see if any of them can build something similar for you.