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User Voting Template by BLD

Hey there,

We have just released our User Voting template for Bubble on

A user requested this template from us and permitted it to be sold publically as a template.

It is similar to UserVoice, where members of your site can suggest/vote/comment on ideas for you to add to your product. The layout is simplistic by design, as we wanted the platform to have a similar feel to UserVoice.

Feel free to purchase the template here: and you can check out the demo of the template here:

Additionally, if you are looking to build your product off of Bubble, feel free to check out where we will help you to build you dream website with pricing starting at $0.

Feel free to let us know if you have any comments/questions/concerns!
– BL Design

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Looks good. Is it supposed to be responsive?

Hey there!

Thanks for checking out the template!

Unfortunately, the app is not responsive as of the current time, however that, along with a good amount of additional features, are coming in the next update!

Thanks again for your feedback, we greatly appreciate it!

My pleasure. Please keep me updated.

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@blowenthal , it looks that the link doesn’t work anymore.

I have this message:

Oops! You’ve pointed to Bubble, but we don’t have an application associated with this domain yet!

Could you verify that? Thanks