Pause workflow till triggered API Workflow on a list completes

I have a workflow which includes a “Trigger API Workflow on a list” action (which creates new entries), and i want the following actions in the regular Workflow to wait till the API workflow completes, (because the whole list should exist before proceeding with the following actions).

Is it possible?

If not, at least is it possible to restrict users from interacting with the page before the API workflow completed the list (so when the user hits cancel, it should delete all).

(as i understood, it takes min. 5 sec. between each entry in a list API, and in my case its average on a list of 10 items)

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The API workflow is intended to be run in the background. I would think a regular workflow would behave the way you want, where it blocks everything until finished.

Are you refering to my second request “restrict users from interacting”? or you mean the pausing workflow till API is complete?

Oh, I missed the first part. I don’t know of a way to make the workflow wait until the scheduled API workflow is completed, I was referencing the blocking of the user from doing anything else.

I understand that any action triggered by the user will not be triggered before a running workflow completes, but my 2nd question was: if the first workflow triggered an API Workflow in the background, can i restrict the user from interacting till the API Workflow is complete?

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I’m not sure of a way to alert the system when the API Workflow is done. Maybe someone else can provide an idea, but I’m not help here. Sorry!


its ok, and thanks for trying :slight_smile:

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