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Pause API workflow until item is true

Hi all,

I’m looking to do the following:

  • A user signs up and connects a data source
  • I go out and collect info from this data source (this can take a few minutes)
  • In the time it takes for the data to be collected I want the user to be able to use the site and take actions but I don’t want these user actions to activate some API workflows until all the data has been collected.

I’m going to set up a “Yes” / “No” status in the database to track when the data has been fully downloaded - @Prashant suggested that here (Repost: Pause workflow till triggered API Workflow on a list completes).

My question - how do I pause an API workflow until the database states “Yes” that the data has been fully downloaded?

Backend Database Trigger…it is basically sitting and listening for changes to a particular data type and when the conditionals you set are matched the workflows will trigger

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This is exactly what I needed. Thanks @boston85719

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