Pay for a Day, SPRINT METHOD type service

I am looking for someone VERY experienced, willing and capable of doing a SPRINT METHOD type service such as offered by Coaching No Code Apps. (1day(8hrs) of help). I need help finishing an app I’m building that’s roughly 80% done. I have a live video chat integration and a few other things that I am stuck on and need help figuring out. Respectfully


The live video chat integration is a big task. There is a thread where a user talks about the need to have a custom plugin built, so you may want to connect with them, or try to hire a plugin developer.

What are some of the other things that you are stuck on?

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Hi @willfisher26 Will,

We built a custom live video streaming plugin for Bubble that offers up to 6 simultaneously livestream hosts, screen sharing, recording and playback all with nothing to install!

We currently license out the plugin - would you like to discuss it?


Yes, I would like to discuss this with you. Please send private contact info and the cost of your plug-in.