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Paying users from Canada


I am located in Canada and need to be able to pay my users but as far as I know both stripe and Braintree only let you transfer money to someones debit card if you live in the U.S. can anyone help?

I believestripe has been working in canada for some time now (

Bubble user @gf_wolfer said he use it for his site (Which is better to use (in your actual experience) - Stripe or Braintree?).
maybe you can contact him for more details

I do regularly use Stripe to process Payments and on platforms that use Stripe Connect, so my Users can collect payments and I can receive a ‘platform fee’.

I have not tried to paying Users through the system and have not looked into its debit card transfer options.

With some specifics about who gets charged, and when you will need to pay out might help we may be able to help offer ideas about how to get around this

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