Payment processor for a high risk marketplace?


I’m creating a marketplace prototype that is considered high risk by Stripe Connect, Ayden or Mango Pay as its in the gambling category.

The typical high risk payment processors I’ve found don’t support marketplaces so I’m stuck atm.

Any ideas?


You can use my plugin to process payments with Bitcoin :wink:

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Im curious about cryto payments, does that mean the marketplace would only accept cryptos or how it work for customers wanting to pay in USD? How would I hold funds and pay the sellers?

It’s not designed to share transactions on a marketplace but you can accept payments for your own use.

Checkout method can only be used with the following payment currencies: BTC, XRP, ETH, LTC, BCH, TRX, NANO, DAI, USDS, SRN, TEL, BTT.

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