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Stripe Subscription:

Hey bubble community,
I want to build a subscription model within my Web app.
There are two kinds of Users:

  1. Free
  2. Subscription based

The subscription based Users should have access to certain pages & Features.
With the stipe payment plug in, it is easy to integrate a payment System.
My question to the community.

How can I restrict certain pages for the users that arn´t paying ?
Are there certain Stripe Features that allow me to restrict the access to those pages?

I already have build out my Webb app for those 2 kind of users. My thought was if i add a Pop up to the sigh Up page that contains the stripe payment i would not have to restrict all the other pages that follow. The problem I´m having with this is that i don’t know how to pass the data when the user isn´t registrated.

Maybe anyone has had a similar problem in the past. I would really appreciate your help.


Sounds like you need to build user roles logic. A way to differentiate paying from non-paying users … and for access and visibility to be conditionally restricted/shown to different users.

Start by establishing a way to distinguish them.


There above is meant for illustration only. It depends on how you want to go about it like with everything in programming.

Best of luck with your project! :+1:t2:

thank you so much for this Advice and your fast response!! This is really amazing and makes me happy that i decided to become part of your community!!
You illustrated it really good.
My Question is how can i make that as soon as a customer is paying the amout with stipe he changes his status from paying to free customer?
Does stripe has these kind of attributes ? and where would you set this condition?

Thank you very much again!!

I wish you a great evening

All the best



Stripe will give a customer id. With this you know that they have provided their paying details and have registered there.

So … when stripe id is not empty … then change from non-paying to paying.

Hope this helps

You are my Man!!! Thank you so much!! This is just great !!
One last question. What happens if the user descides to stop the payment with the subscription model. He will still have the stripe ID and therefore would be still able to visit the sites ?

You can set up Stripe webhooks, they will keep your app informed of canceled subscription. Depending on your subscription cancelation (cancel as soon as canceled or canceled at end of subscription period), you will be able to manage existing / no more paying subscribers.

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Thank you so much!! That is just great. Is there anything i should be aware or forgot about the payment system with stripe. As you can see I´m new to bubble and don´t want to make any serious mistakes.