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PayPal - Accept payments globally with PayPal. 💳

Did you finally get an answer from Copilot?

We don’t dedicate the resources to the forums that we otherwise can to email, as mentioned numerous times prior across threads! You can email [email protected] as the best way to connect to report bugs besides our Contact page. :+1:

Naa… I got it working…need any help?

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Thanks for your help. It seems working now. It hope it will in live mode as well.

Boa tarde estou Montando Um Fluxo de Pagamento aqui, já inseri usuario e chave de segurança no Plugin Apos criar uma conta no PayPal, ja determinei as mudanças que gostaria que acontecesse no banco de dados no Wrkflow, porem o botão do paypal não aparece na Tela. Alguem consegue me ajudar?

Have you inserted the PayPal element onto the editor ?

Hi, can you tell me what the fix for this was? Every time I try a payment in Sandbox mode it doesn’t retrieve the Sale ID or Payment ID. There seems to be a delay retrieving these strings as the only way around this seems to be to run a Workflow on the condition “When PayPal A’s Sale ID is not empty” but that doesn’t work for mobile devices.


So how did you resolve the Sales ID and Payment ID failure to return issue?

Have you had a look at

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Thanks for sharing those concise instructions.

I considered the “access token” might be needed after some initial testing.

However, I was able to recover the “sale id” and “payment id” without that step by using an alternate plugin.

I’ll likely test what you outlined to see if that works as a backup. Thanks!

Hey everyone - just a quick beginner’s question: what to insert in the first field in the plugin section?

Thanks a lot!


Did you find out what is this “headers”?

Hey everyone,

The Client ID is provided by PayPal and used for both their client and API functions. :slight_smile:

Hello everyone, I can configure recurring payments or subscriptions with this plugin, I’ve been trying to integrate PayPal through API for subscriptions for 2 days but it has been impossible …

Were you able to figure this out? I’m also having this issue.

What is the difference between

“Payment has been Captured”


“Payment has been Approved”

I think theres a problem regarding the paypal button’s responsiveness? When Debit or Credit Card button is clicked, the element is cut.

Hi! How did you setup recurring payments with this plugin? I only see the Amount field for a 1 time payment.


This plugin by @Thimo may help


hi there, I want to use this plugin for my platform (marketplace) to enable my Users to accept paypal payments from their customers.

I have following question:
Do my platform Users need to have a paypal business account or is it also sufficient to have a standard paypal account ?