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Paypal checkout plugin

I know this topic was talked about a lot, but I kept searching everywhere and couldn’t find the answer I need
So anyway, I’m making a web application and I’m trying to deploy payments using paypal since both braintree and stripe are unsupported in my country,
However I’m not sure how it’s properly done,
I’m trying with the paypal checkout plugin,
at first I want to make sure about the IDs

sandbox client id and live client id are quite obvious,
-dev are for development purposes
but I’m unclear about client id headers, I tried to put the sandbox client id and the buttons showed and worked but Just want to make sure what should I put? and when I deploy the website live should I change it to the live client id?

when I click the paypal button
A window appears,
but for the credit card button, it loads underneath it which is bugging me because I don’t know either why or how to fix it
like this

Also, the product I’m selling is like online courses, so there are no shipping in any kind, so how can I stop the shipping details from appearing, when clicking either paypal or credit card (especially credit card) because it’s making the process quite longer and for no useful purpose

Last thing, I’m unclear about when to use the get an access token in the workflow, is it when I load the payment page or what?

Thanks in advance, any small help is highly appreciated and I hope this topic can be useful for future bubbleres trying to deploy paypal payment

So answering myself with the solution I found, Hope anyone find this topic helpful
So I copied the codes for paypal checkout plugin and made a new plugin which I modified so It has no Shipping details
For first name, last name, phone number, zip code, these turn out to be essential data that can’t be removed
Plugin name: Paypal Tool
and These are some instructions for you to read:

  1. Create PayPal developer account
  2. Create REST API application (Both live and sandbox)
  3. Copy Sandbox Client Id and Live Client Id to the plugin tap (in the -dev when you are developing and in the other ones when you deploy live)
  4. For Client Id Headers put the client id that you will use for now (if you’re developing mostly you would use your sandbox client id and when you are deploying live mostly you would use your live client id)
  5. Draw the element on the payment page and make sure its height is good enough (about 630px)
  6. Set the amount + the currency + etc.
  7. In the workflow on page load add the action get access token (Use the one in the plugins tap not the one in payment tap)
  8. Search google for how to encode your credentials (Client Id and Secret -provided by paypal-) to Base64 (suggested search: base64 encoded credentials pair)
    Note- You can use the code in this link here but I don’t suggest doing that with your live credentials link :
  9. In the authorization put "Basic "without the quotes + your Base64 encoded credentials pair

It looks like this when you search for it

@ahmadnaser16an Hi, amazing work, wanna ask if you plan doing more updates. Im looking for a solution of paypal buttons but all plugins i try are buggy and its very important for my project that render VENMO button to. Do you think is possible ? thanks