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New Plugin - Paypal Checkout Smart Payments

Hey everyone,
we’ve just released our new Plugin.

This plugin allow you to add the Paypal Smart Payment Buttons to your Bubble Application. These Buttons allow you to seamlessly integrate the Paypal Checkout process into your Bubble application. Your users will be able to make payments using Paypal, Credit Card, Giropay, Sofort Überweisung, Venmo and more all within one checkout flow. You can also use this plugin to authorize a payment and then capture (or not capture) it later. This functionality is especially useful if you are not sure a transaction will take place (marketplace) but you want to put a hold on the funds until the decision is made.

Plugin Page:

For a demo on how to setup the plugin please visit:

For a demo of this plugin in the Bubble Editor, please visit:

For a demo please visit:

  • We are in NO way affiliated with Paypal.
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Hey im having an issue where the buttons seem to be doubling up?
I notice that they dont double up when you manually enter a whole number in the plugins value however when I enter a dynamic value both sets of buttons appear.

Any work around?


thank your for letting us know. We’ve just released a fix to this issue. Please update the plugin to the newest version (1.0.1)

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Absolute legend, All fixed.

Thank you very much!

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Hello. Do you provide any paid support to help with the install? I have not attempted to do it yet and while it may be a simple process, I’m really looking for a time-saving option because I’m on a short timeframe with other projects left to complete!

If this is an option, let me know and we can connect outside the forum…thanks!


yes we do offer paid support. Let’s connect via email to discuss this further: [email protected]

Hi @anticode - does this plugin support marketplace payments?

Hi @equibodyapp ,

I’m not quite sure what you mean by marketplace payments. You can definitely build a marketplace using this Plugin. The only thing that isn’t supported is Payouts. If this is something you would need, we could add that.


@anticode - like Stripe Connect.

I’d like my users to be able to receive payments for their invoices via a paypal checkout if possible.