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I’m wanting to build a custom payment gateway via PayPal. I’ve attempted to connect PayPal with the API Connector, but I’m having issues. Does anyone have specific instructions on how to successfully do this?

Goal: I’m going to be developing a custom payment gateway with accompanying features. The PayPal plugin is very limited in it’s functionality, hence why I’m doing it through PayPal’s API instead.

Anyone? =/

There’s quite a few examples with screenshots in the forum on how to connect to other services through the API Connector. I’m not aware of any that are PayPal specific though.

I came to the same conclusion. I’ve looked and looked and looked. There is one post that gets me a part of the way there (How to integrate Paypal with Bubble using Oauth2). However, it’s not working.

I’m a bit surprised that there isn’t anyone to assist with this. It seems like Bubble and it’s community gives a lot of love and support to Stripe and it’s users.

I’m stuck and don’t really know what to do at this point…

I’ve blacked out the App ID and the Dev. secret for security, but I can assure anyone looking to assist, they’re correct. I’ve only entered in the Development secret and App ID because I’m in the sandbox environment.

Login dialog redirect = Sorry about that

Access token endpoint =

User profile endpoint =

Is there anyone on here who can verify if I’ve done this process correctly? And what is the next step?

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Okay, so here’s what I know, since the replies are light… although, what I know is not alot.

I was able to use the api connector to connect to paypal in order to see transaction history. I never tried to process payments.

I did so using the social login action.

I recall having to set some things in the paypal interface, like setting up an app.

When I tried this, The paypal api did not yet support oauth for connecting to third party user accounts… At least not without a formal partner agreement. Oauth was there only to connect your own account. But using the openceonnect login works.

Now, this is all from memory, as I deleted anything I had worked on because it was a huge pain, and I needed support for other users. Oh, and I really don’t like the way the social login process logs users into their bubble account.

I ended up with stripe and plaid, and very happy I did. I should also say that I was working on the paypal part with only a month of bubble under my belt, so that could have influenced the outcome!

Sorry I don’t have more help! I will look tomorrow for any more clues to help.

Thanks for your willingness to help. I have set up an app within PayPal. So, I’ve at least done that correctly.

Let me know if you figure anything else out. Any assistance is much appreciated…

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