PayPal Limitations?

Hey Guys/Gals,

I’m about to construct my payment gateway. I’ve selected PayPal over Stripe, due to the high fee structure associated with more complex transaction workflows. However, I have taken notice to the fact that PayPal’s built in features on Bubble seem to be limited to simply allowing a user to pay for a product or service. I’m concerned that I won’t have a solution for refunds, partial refunds, releasing or sending funds to users of my choice whenever I deem it necessary etc.

Does anyone know of any ways to expand the functionality of PayPal on Bubble?

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Yes, you can use the API Connector Plugin to make full use of the PayPal API. I use it myself to send funds between users, but you need some experience with payment gateways and the API Connector Plugin.

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Thanks a lot. This at least gives me a sense of direction. I’ve luckily figured out almost everything I’ve done up to this point, so hopefully this isn’t any different. Any more advice would be much appreciated since you’ve done it. You may have the capability of helping me avoid all sorts of headaches.

If you want to get up to speed using APIs as fast as posibble, then may I suggest @romanmg’s course. Worth every cent and you will be comfortable within a day.


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