Paypal marketplace / commerce plugin?

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone here built a marketplace using PayPal? I’d like to build a marketplace that offers payments between buyers/merchants and would like to use PayPal. I noticed they have their “marketplace / commerce” solution for that but can’t find much info about it on this forum.

Initially I wanted to use Stripe but that seems to be quite difficult to get working in combination with iDeal payments.

  • Was it hard to get accepted in their marketplace / commerce solution?
  • Do you use payment fees ? (i.e. take a % of each transaction)?
  • Did you use an existing plugin?


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Hi, did you find a PayPal plug-in for marketplace? Would you please share it? Thanks

Hey. You need Paypal Partner to be enabled for your account (which lately is not hard to get into) and after that you can use the dedicated API for this specific feature. It pretty much has the same options as Stripe does including taking a payment fee from each transaction that goes directly to a linked seller. The existing plugins on the marketplace don’t have this features built in so you will need to do it yourself in API connector.

The normal PayPal business access is easy to get. But getting approved for the Marketplace solution was an absolute pain and took us around 7 months.
In our case, we had a partner who was accepted for the PayPal marketplace solution already who got us connected to the right people to get approved. Not sure if it’s only so tricky in Germany but in any case it helps working together with someone who’s approved already.