PCI Compliance of Bubble Logs

So I’ve scanned all of the PCI compliance questions so far on the forum and I’m looking for a definitive answer before I change my app. I am currently using the Bubble API Connector to send test credit card transactions to my Authorize.Net sandbox. I only store the last 4 card digits and the transaction reference ID from Authorize.Net in case of refund. However, the initial API request from Bubble is unencrypted and the same request is stored in the logs unencrypted which I believe breaks PCI because I, the administrator, could view this info.

My question then is, “Is everyone worried about PCI Compliance in Bubble only using the Stripe or Paypal integrations?”, or is there some other way to preserve my connection to Authorize.Net and avoid switching payment providers?

@quinn - The last 4 of the credit card are within PCI compliance guidelines.

The first six and last four digits are the maximum number of digits that may be displayed.