PCI DSS third-party services

It is prohibited to store CC data in Bubble.
Is it possible to use Bubble as a frontend, but store CC in external DB.
If yes, do you know any third-party services that can store CC of my clients?


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I need to build an app that would store all credit cards, bank accounts, onlive services that user has. Stripe is not a solution here.

Hum ok, understood… With such critical info, the best would be that you store all this info is a very secured DB you own. I’m really not sure that you can be pci dss compliant with any no code solution, as far as you don’t own and host the db.

Have a look at Appgyver, they may help for this purpose as the database can be delocalized.

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I am also interested in the answer here, because with my app (hospitality-based), there are deposits and even perhaps additional charges after the user has purchased something.

I need to keep the card info on file to charge for things like upgrades, cleaning fees, etc.

I was also looking for a PCI DSS compliant data hosting company, will follow this thread to see what is said. I don’t want to run my own server - there must be a service which offers PCI DSS hosting.

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Same topic, even same category (hospitality-based), but for corporate.
I’m basically posponing this to the 4ª version but it worries me a bit already.

Stripe can take payment intent and allow you to charge cards on file. All while ensuring card details never touch your server or Bubble.

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