PDF Builder (looking for testers)

Hi there :wave:

We just launched a beta-version of our PDF builder and looking for a few testers. You can see the testpage here;

Link: https://nv-demos.bubbleapps.io/version-test/vortex_pdf

You can generate a PDF of any html page (a real pdf).

Appreciate your time! Feel free to leave a comment below on the testing results.

Brief description:

HTML to PDF Conversion API for Developers. Get High-fidelity PDFs that look exactly like they do on browsers.

Possibly interested, with a couple of questions:

  1. Is it only for pages (i.e you need to input a link only), or is there an action you can input your own HTML? I.e create your own dynamic PDF’s.

  2. is this only client side? Or can it run server side (backend wf)?

You can run the workflow server-side or client-side. This plugins purpose is to export a PDF of any HTML page. This Plugin will export the pdf as you see it within your own browser.

Appreciate the interest. :pray:

If it’s executed in the backend workflows what determines the page width, etc? If the user is viewing it on a mobile site, does that affect the output file? Even when executing from client-side or backend would being mobile affect either one?

Also how does it know when to start capturing the page (and all the data is done loading?) The static delay doesn’t work for large PDFs.

Right now I use an external service to capture the website so it can be run independent from the user once they execute the workflow. And the external service has it’s own browser so it’s always the same page width/height.

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It’s like a virtual browser. Each instance will load the page with it’s viewport. This api is intended for small documents and can support delays up to 5000ms. Bubble has a 30-sec limit before actually timing out.

One of the features implemented is being able to animate by scrolling down the entire page before creating the pdf.

This said, I do encourage you to test and see if you have any issues with a page.

Sample PDF: https://vortexpdf.herokuapp.com/pdf/download/5c23bfd0-4c1e-11ed-9cd5-dfeba861b2f8

Mobile PDF Sample: https://vortexpdf.herokuapp.com/pdf/download/ba6bcbf0-4c1e-11ed-9cd5-dfeba861b2f8