[New Plugin Release] Crazy PDF Viewer

Hi all,

Published new PDF Viewer plugin with new features like,

  1. Show partial pdf pages,
  2. Get the number of pdf pages,
  3. Disable copy text
  4. Get the last visited page,
  5. Disable options for download/print etc
  6. It can support to render encrypt pdf file (AES256)
  7. Throw error is pdf is invalid
  8. Change Lanugage for pdf viewer (Currently support en-Us & Fr)
  9. Change the start page of the pdf viewer

There is a lot of functions.
Plugin Page : Crazy PDF Viewer Plugin | Bubble
Demo link : Your Bubble app
Demo editor link : Pdfwork | Bubble Editor

Any suggestions, it really welcome :slight_smile:


I’d love to have a PDF viewer that can accept AWS S3 credentials in order to view private S3 pdf files within our Bubble app. Currently we need to either pre-sign each URL or make the entire S2 bucket semi-public, which is less than ideal. This feature would make your viewer very unique.

Hi @christo1 ,
Yes, it can accept to render the Bubble Private pdf file.
Thanks :slight_smile:
If there is anything need add service then, please provide your suggestions. Will add it.

So it can accept my AWS S3 Key and secret and then display private AWS S3 pdf files? N

Hi @christo1
Yes, it can work. But pdf url will be the stored pdf link from database.
It can be look like below,


This is Sample private pdf file.

Demo page for this private pdf file viewer link is -

You can try to change link with your private file and let if me if anything needed

Hi @christo1 ,

It can accept private files to render the pdf files. You can try above demo link.

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Price dropped for the monthly plan :sparkler:

Im waiting for below feature in bubble on free trials on paid plugins.

Most of them of need this feature. Kindly please support to Upvote this idea?

hey @mani2726 , I am looking to build a function that allows other users to drop comments on uploaded files suggesting changes in that area. Do you such a thing can be possible?

Yes, possible. This plugin allows to add your watermark text into pdf file based on text position.

You can play with demo link under the plugin description.

no, I don’t mean watermark. I want the ability to drop comments in the file. Is that possible?

May be you can provide some of samples, let me try some plugin for your requirement .

@mani2726 yeah sure! If you go through Figma (www.figma.com), it allows the user to share the files with other users who can drop pins in some specific areas of the file and comment changes or reviews. Even https://trydesignlab.com/ uses the same feature.

Nice Plugin - but seemed to stop working - any ideas? This is your demo

Hi @wegetdesign ,
Kindly check now.

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