Pending project

I have food and grocery delivery marketplace project. The web is almost finished bar few things and the mobile is yet to be done.

Anyone happy to help with these?

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Nice to meet you @obidinanwad
I am an ERP developer on so I can do anything on
if you need any help let me know my hourly work price is only 10-15 $.
Thank you. :grinning:

can you also convert to mobile app?

yes.i would be happy to help you polish your marketplace with a professional touch.check my portofolio

I am a certified bubble developer by Airdev, the parent company of canvas and one of the TOP agencies in the bubble.

I would help you for free if you like you can give me compensation only if you wish els don’t give me anything. just a testimony on my page. when we finish. what you say.


will testify when done