Performance for sorting multiple merges/intersections


I have an expression with “do a search for merged with do a search for intersect do a search for”. Do I have to sort all of them by the same thing? Sort only the last or first one? I am trying to minimize work and make performance as good as possible. Would be great if I can just sort one of them.

Each “Search for” in the data source will have its own sorting, which you can specify or leave alone (I forget what it will sort on if you leave blank). And then you can sort the overall combined list using :sorted. Or maybe if you sorted each “Search for” the resulting list would be sorted the way you want, but I’m not sure; you’d need to experiment with it.

That said, your expression is very complex and it will be slow unless the data set is small. Also you would need to experiment with it to ensure it’s building the list in the right way, since Bubble executes expressions left to right. I’d suggest looking for a way to drastically simplify it.

Unfortunately, as far as I know, this complex expression is the only way to do what I’m doing. I’m basically building a faceted search and filtering system so people can narrow down what to see in the repeating group. There are like 7 categories that they can filter on, with multiple checkboxes each. And the merge and intersect are necessary for some of the logic. Depending how the performance ends up getting, I may have to pare down the features for sure.

If you can post screenshots of your data structure and search functionality, more likely than not someone on the forum will suggest a way to streamline it.