Performance issue - Development better than Live!?

Hi everyone,

You must have heard bubble’s performance is better in live mode than development but has anyone experienced vice versa?

I’m getting considerably better performance in development mode than live mode on one particular reusable element.

All fields inside of this reusable element are auto-binding.

In development - when an input’s value is changed, it’s updated much faster. The blue loading bar appears for less than a second and you can move on to the next input straight away, even before the bar disappears.

On the other hand…

In live mode - there is a lag, meaning when an input’s value changes, the blue loading bar doesn’t appear at all, there is a 5-6 second delay before you can move on to the next input.

Could this be a bug?

Thanks in advance.

This is usually due to a difference in the amount of data a particular element or workflow is processing between live and dev. Dev databases tend to stay relatively small and contained, whereas live ones can quickly scale.

If you don’t think there is any difference between data sets, you should file a bug report!

Hi Sam, thanks for the speedy reply.

In dev - the data type we are updating currently holds 64 items and in live there are 1,477 items. Although we have a lot more in live but 1,477 is still not that much. I believe this is irrelevant anyway because we aren’t doing a search on the 1,477 items here. The search is done prior. we have 1 item open now and we just want to make changes to that 1 item. All we want is to make changes to “parent group’s item” when input’s value changes. The same action takes 5-6 seconds longer in live than dev.


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