Editor sticks switching between live and development version

This is happening on all the apps I’m working on and has been for some time. Quite time-consuming.

Anytime I switch to live from development or to development from live, I get this screen and it never goes away.

A manual refresh of my browser will load the editor in the desired version. Anyone else experiencing this?

While we’re on the subject, @allenyang, it would be a huge timesaver if there was a way to run the app as a live user without having to switch the editor into the live version. That is typically the only reason I ever switch into the live version anyway.

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I see this often. I like Bubble - I really do.

This is one thing I don’t like.

I usually just copy the URL and reopen the editor in a new tab. It’s usually faster than waiting.


I use Chrome ‘people’ tab option to configure all my different Live and Dev browsers. Never switch again from dev to live. It’s also less memory consuming.
It works great!

@eve, all images are now displayed in 100% mode, even I select 50% zoom… new bug :wink:
It is some kind of Auto Zoom On. thanks.


I need you to configure my computer, @JohnMark! That’s an interesting idea though. I use the people tab to keep work for different people separated but never considered using it to separate live & dev.

I’m curious how it’s less memory consuming? When I open the Chrome task manager I see all my windows across all the people tabs in there just burning up free space.

Chrome is using a buffer called GPU Process to share Bubble code. Sometime I have to kill it when it become too big :slight_smile: , in fact, every 6-10 hours!

When i use this, it takes about 5 minutes to change. Yeah it’s pretty slow :frowning:

Noting the feature request!

I’m not able to reproduce the issue with switching versions hanging. Could you try clearing your cache to see if that helps? If it continues, please file a bug! (We may ask you to copy and paste any console contents when this bug is happening)

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I often face this in large applications after switching Live to Development, or vice versa, multiple times.

Or more consistently, after Deploying a large app to Live -> switching to Live version -> then switching back to Development seems to hang quite often (or eventually crash)

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Yes, just a browser page refresh fixes it for me.

Ctrl f5 ever now and then when you notice bubble pages loading slower or sluggish in chrome.

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