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Performance question: Link object or object unique ID to a custom state?

When creating a custom state for an element, is there a performance difference between the custom state being the object itself or the object’s unique ID ?

For instance, if we need to associate a User to a Group (in order to reuse that User later on somehow), is there a difference in performance in associating the actual User object and associating the User’s unique ID and do a “search for User by unique ID” later ?

I imagine that somehow, the rendering might be impacted by the size of the information “stored” in a visual element, so the question would probably be about the tradeoff between the impact it has on the rendering and the computation time necessary for the “search for XXX by unique ID”.

Thanks for your help


Thank you for using the forum.

Whenever possible I would recommend using the object itself instead of storing the unique ID as text and do a search when the information is needed.

Please do let us know if you have any further questions.


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