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Performance-wise which is best? setting a custom state (list) OR build from scratch?

Hi All,

As part of the workflow design of my app I perform several searches to obtain the list of things that I want to manipulate, which at times are then filtered furthermore to get the values of a specific field. The same searches and manipulation often happens at different points and hence are also built step-by-step.

I often wondered whether adding the list of Things to a custom state (list) is a better option performance wise and work-wise as I would only set-it once and use many times.

But my concern is more about performance, so the question is, which is better, adding a list of things to a custom state to be further manipulated or building the list everytime I wish to manipulate the data?

appreciate your response.


Having a custom state (not true if you mean reusable element) is better when your going to use it several times. Sometimes it gets complicated when trying to extract information from the reusable element, but you could copy the elements in it and use them somewhere else. Hope this makes sense.

You can also load information to a repeating group that’s 1px by 1px and then use that repeating group as the data source for other fields or repeating groups.

Since it only loads the data once, it’s more performant that loading the data multiple times.

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