Periodically import data from Airtable to Bubble

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone has found a good way to periodically refresh Bubble’s database with new data from Airtable (say once a week, completely replacing old data with the latest Airtable data). It’d be great to leverage both the ease of using Airtable with the performance of Bubble’s database.

For more context…

I have successfully installed and used the Airtable plugin and can utilize it in a RepeatingGroup.

However, I can’t pass the “type of content” (in this case, a Vehicle) from Airtable around because it’s not a Bubble “Thing” like User. This post describes the problem in excruciating detail.

Since passing around this object without making dozens of API calls would be ideal, it seems like the best solution is to periodically refresh the Bubble database with a new “Thing” type imported from Airtable. I’ve read through this post and this post but am hoping for a TL;DR version that starts from scratch.

Thank you!

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