Updates in Airtable Not Displaying in Real-Time

I’m using the Airtable plugin. It generally works fine, but unlike the built-in Bubble database, updates made in the Airtable database are not displaying in the Bubble UI in real time. For example, to see a new item in Airtable in a repeating group, I have to refresh the page. Is there is fix for this?

By the same token, what would be the best way to automatically update my Bubble database when a new record is created in airtable?


Were you able to find a fix for this?

Only if you are using something like zapier to monitor the tables and let your app know it’s time to update somehow

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I see, thanks. For now I am sticking with page refresh but its not ideal.

@hshadab @daniel35 I was actually able to find a semi fix for this. For some reason the airtable database will update when you modify a record in that table you are interested in. If you modify a record to change it as part of your action you can trick bubble to refresh the database. I hope this helps!

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