Personal API Coaching Needed

Hi All
Im wanting to find someone with API experience to help me learn the ropes with Bubble, Im pretty good on bubble but now iv moved on to APIs and the bubble connector and trying to link to MS365 and all that social media stuff. Its kind of taken me to whole new level that I need a expert to bounce off for inspiration and problem solving.

Iv taken alot of time to learn oArth and all that stuff but i just think its nice to have a coach for a few hours a month to help with the small question and problems which arise.

Dose anyone offer any services, where ill be able to have 30 mins here and an hour there coaching?. Look forward to your reply.

Gaby @ Coachingnocodeapps are fully booked out (because she is so good )

CoPilots time slots are 3AM for me so want to try and avoid that if possible.

Im based in Hong Kong Time Zone

Many Kind Regards

Tim Garrett


@timgarrett111 I have been working with MS Graph for a while and may be able to help a little each month.

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