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Flexible consultant needed

Hi All

My name is Tim and I am a very unsuccessful entrepreneur. Iv been building in Bubble now for a few years and now moving in to learning about APIs

I’m just about to embark on the learning curve that comes with APIs

I’m looking for someone who can sit along side me in a training kind of role (Consultancy) and help awnser questions I have about APIs.

I do not want anyone to do any work as such just be available for me to schedule a call or have a chat about existing problems I have in my app and work through them together. ( Yes it’s that simple!)

There are lots of company’s out there which schedule hour sessions, but I find these models not very helpful. I’m not interested in doing our sessions in one hour blocks .I’m looking for someone who is much more flexible.

Just for a bit more clarity for you I’ll give you an example of a problem I ran into this week.

I spent 4 hours reading the documentation from bubble and I set up a API Workflow. I spent many hours reading forum posts on how to connect to it Via postman.
Anyway another 4 hours later I still cannot connect to it. And I can’t get any solutions from bubble support itself also the forums are really slow to respond.

So as you can see it’s little things like that and answering questions I have would be a great help for me and would really value the consultancy and training this person can provide.

I’m happy to pay an hourly rate in advance for x number if hours then see how it goes we can then chew though that and top up after if it all going well.

My expectations

Perfect English
Be available with in 24 hours
A very strong experience all aspects of Bubble API and other APIs
Can be available to meet on Google meets
Be available for 30 minutes or hour sessions if really needed. Or
Communicate can be done via Loom screen capture for very small problems .
Be available morning time between 0600h - 1500h New Zealand Standard Time. (Hopefully this fits well your time well)

If this sounds like a good fit for you please do not hesitate to get in contact. Please include your experience and hourly rate.

I’m really keen to start next week if it is possible.

Many kind regards

Tim Garrett

Hi Tim :wave:

I suggest you post this for free to - it’s a freelance marketplace we built just for no-code. All experts are vetted and we are strongly focusing on Bubble expertise. You can send requests, get proposals, and chat with Bubble experts in your own dashboard. Experts also showcase their portfolios so you know what they’ve built, and the whole platform is free for both experts and clients - there is ZERO commission.

You will have no problems finding experienced Bubble developers fluent in english interested to help you with your project there.

Feel free to PM me if you need help posting this job or if you need specific Bubble freelancer recommendations.



Hey Tim!

What API are you hoping to connect with? APIs are a beast, and there is no one size fits all solution. I found that by having a specific API in mind and working to connect just that is a good way to start.

Happy to help further depending on your specific needs.

Codemap is aweseome! I posted yesterday

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I do not have a specific API i in mind just on a learning curve and need a reliable shoulder along the way.

Kind regards

Thank you so much for the feedback Tim, it really means a lot to us! I’m glad you like the platform and I wish you good luck with learning about APIs! :wink::muscle: