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PhoneGap Process?

My understanding is Bubble will send a user the zip file of their native app, then the user utilizes PhoneGap to port to IOS. Say I need to make several revisions to the app before finally submitting to the app store, will I have to request a new download from Bubble each time? Or do they provide an easy pipeline once I’ve made the initial request?

How long does Bubble take to provide the download?

I intend on subscribing to @natedogg’s course but wanted to get a few details understood first.



Bubble’s instructions are fairly simple & straightforward. The major hurdles are registering as a developer with apple. If registering as a company this requires you to get a DUNS number from Dun & Bradstreet, which is a 2-4 week nightmare. I’ve read that its more efficient to apply via Apple’s site for a DUNS number, instead of DNB’s website directly. If you’re submitting as an individual, then there is no need for a DUNS.

When you request the zip file from bubble, they usually reply within a few hours or less. Their reply contains all the instructions you’ll need to get going. You have to replace various PNGs with your own app icon/ logo. You then rezip that file and upload it to phonegap’s console. Phonegap also requires a few Apple keys/certificates (I can’t remember all the details exactly.) Phonegap gives you an ipa file, which can be opened on your iPhone via iTunes.

If I’m not mistaken, your bubble app is essentially a webpage bundled into a native app. So any changes you make are immediately updated in your app, with a few exceptions of app icons, loading screen, and probably a few others.

You should only need to request the zip file from Bubble once.


@csblack thank you for this informative post. I’m looking to get my MVP out the door and have a v1.0 in the app store. I’ll likely make a few updates to it over the following few weeks; each time I simply contact Bubble, download their zip, make the changes, and submit as an update to the app store?

Once you submit your app once, you’ll only need to re-submit to the app store if you’re changing things such as the device permissions that your app requests, changing the app icon/loading image, etc.

Any updates you push live via Bubble will automatically be available in the app, without re-submitting the app again.

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Interesting; thanks @natedogg! I’ve bought your tutorial and am working my way towards the app store.

Check this post. Brent has created the zip files you need.

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Very interesting. How does this work? Does Brent claim an ownership over the files after the process?

Nope just compiles the files. Follow the instructions and import into phone gap. Took a bit of trial and error due to the ambiguity of the instructions but simple.

Hi guys, I was wondering how much time this whole process would take, to let say launch it in the playstore. Once you get the zipfile, are we talking hours/days/weeks?