Picking & Filter Days, Months & Years separately

Hi all,

I’m currently trying to grab the birthdates of users in a slightly different way than usual. I don’t like the looks of the available time pickers, so I aimed to create three drop down menus instead:

Is there any way to put these three separate numbers into one single date within the database? Example: Day = 31, Month = 12, Year = 2022 → 12.31.2022

Thanks a lot in advance!


Hi Philipp

If I understand you correctly this should be very easily doable with :append

It will be a workflow similar to this:
“Create a New Birthday”
date = month:append day:append year

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Hi Manuel,

thanks for your quick response! Using append actually sounds pretty decent in this context. Unfortunately I couldn’t find append as an option (despite varying types of data such as number, text etc.)
Do you by any chance know how I could access this option?

Hey Philipp,

You might need to format the inputs values as number.



That worked like a charm, many thanks Manuel!

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