Picking fonts in Bubble

I’m wondering, how does anyone find fonts here in Bubble? I’ve been looking for a cursive font forever. I have tried searching by font names I already know but they’re not available and there is no way to parse what is actually available to see what one might like.

Is there a way to really see what fonts look like before picking one or do I have to try each one?

Hi there. @girl-fi… the short answer is there isn’t a way to see what the fonts look like, but this thread might be helpful.


Hi @mikeloc! That’s super helpful that I can see them inside Google fonts. Thanks a lot.

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Have you tried search the font(s) you want at https://fonts.google.com/ ?
There you can have a look and feel of the font your are planning to use.
Usually, the dropdown menu of the Bubble’s styles editor includes a variety of Google fonts.

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Good stuff, @guidomazzanti, but that’s literally in the linked thread above. :slight_smile:

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