Picture Uploader Problems

When a user uploads their profile photo using the picture uploader, I would like it so that whatever photo the user uses, the photos height and width automatically get set to the size of a 180px by 180px. I don’t know exactly how to do this and I have checked out croppie, and imgix, but I am not sure if these are the solution.

The goal with this is that when users click signup, their photo they click as their profile photo will be the same width and height as every user in the app. This is good because I call back the current users profile photo later, and I don’t want users to have different size photos as it would look funky.

Please help!

CropGuide can do this for you.

You set the intended target size (width 180 and height 180) and aspect ratio (1 for square crop) in the dashboard and all uploaded images are converted to the size you need.

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