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Pie charts and displaying text field from database


I have an item in my database called Leads that have a Text field with different ratings in it. I have the info in the chart menu setup like this:

Chart Type: Pie
Type of data: Lead
Data source: Search for Leads

Now the issue I’m having is the Value Expression field. The expression keeps building and building (no matter what expression I add, the text is always red). From what I can tell this is supposed to be a number field for the Type of Data… Is this correct? If so, how would I display something like "There are 3 leads with ‘High’ rating, 5 with ‘Medium’’, ect.

Any help would be appreciated!


So this is something we don’t support yet, actually. The work around is to compute these numbers in a workflow, so that you can have these numbers available to draw a chart. It’s on our list, but not for the immediate future though.


I am trying to create a simple chart of weight measurments each month on the Y-axis and the months on the x-axis. However, when I try to make a LineBar Chart, an type something in the Value Expression space it just keeps building up.

I tried writing 100, and got this graph. However, the Y-values are not here.

Anyone know how to make a simple graph? Or a how-to video already out there?

Have you done the chart lesson? It’s probably the best way to start.

Do we have an update on that?
I am looking for some statistic pie charts to show in my website based on the user data.
Something like:


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