Pie/Doughnut Chart

Hello all,

I am new on Bubble. I managed to find my way so far with the forum and video tutorials but I get stuck when it comes to creating a chart.

I want to show a pie chart showing the total number of units with a contract and the total number of units without a contract.

Example: I have a total of 10 units, 3 of them have a contract. I would like to show 30% of the chart in one color and 70% of the chart in another color (representing the units without a contract).

(“unit” is a Data Type, “contract” is a Data type - they are linked)

Thank you for your help!

You need to use the :grouped by operator in the dynamic expression.

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Thank you for your message. I have tried again but still stuck, the “:grouped by” is to be added in Value Expression?

Thank you,

FYI: I finally found the solution to my question. I added a new field number to the data type “unit” (is equal to 1 when a new unit is created. And is equal to 2 when a contract is attached to that unit).

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