'PieChat Messenger by PieCrust.uk' - like popular Meta messaging apps

Hello Bubble Community!

We are excited to introduce the newest addition to our suite of no-code templates, PieChat Messenger, brought to you by PieCrust!

Designed with the familiarity of WhatsApp in mind, PieChat Messenger operates as a no-code template to streamline the process of building your own messaging application effortlessly.


  • Production Ready: crafted in adherence to industry standards and best practices, PieChat Messenger is optimised for efficient workload usage, ensuring a seamless experience for all users;

  • Fully Responsive (NEW ENGINE): enjoy an exceptional user experience across all devices, thanks to the latest fully responsive engine;

  • User & Developer Friendly: with a professionally tested UX/UI-centric design and a robust database structure and architecture, PieChat Messenger ensures both users and developers can navigate with ease;

  • FIGMA: UI template available for FREE download;

  • Robust User Authentication: seamlessly manage user authentication with comprehensive features, including ‘remember me?’ functionality and enhanced security protocols for the paid version, such as OTP/2FA;

  • Advanced User Profile Management: enjoy an array of functionalities, from customizable profiles to comprehensive user management options, including reporting and blocking features;

  • Real-Time Messaging: engage in seamless conversations, share multimedia files, and enjoy in-chat functionalities like message recall and message deletion effortlessly;

  • Message Status Indicator: with the paid version, stay updated on the delivery and read status of your messages, ensuring effective communication;

  • Customizable Watermark: personalise your messaging app with a custom watermark in the bottom right corner to make it uniquely yours;

  • Support & Tutorials: access our extensive support and tutorial materials to make the most of your PieChat Messenger experience;

  • Plugin(s): COMING SOON! explore the power of plugins, extending the functionalities of PieChat Messenger according to your specific needs.

  • Lite & Pro versions: COMING VERY SOON!


  • The demo login process is the same as registering a user, but it has been streamlined into a one-click process. It registers users using their IP address. After logging in, a preloaded conversation with the PieChat AI will also be generated, including a welcome message.

  • We’ve added JavaScript code that allows sending a message by pressing ‘Enter’ without the need for Shift+Enter for multiline input.

  • Added custom CSS to enable image compression.

  • For the RepeatingGroup to Chat or Reverse RG, please refrain from upgrading to the newest version as it is currently broken. The 1.0.1 version is working fine.

:red_circle: ATTENTION:
Please note that we’re constantly working to ensure the smooth functioning of PieChat Messenger. If you encounter any issues, we’re committed to addressing them promptly.

We value your insights and suggestions. Feel free to share your thoughts and questions on the Bubble forum. Together, let’s build the future of messaging apps.

For any difficulties or queries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Get ready to revolutionise your messaging experience with PieChat Messenger.

Build, Connect, and Engage effortlessly!


Best regards,
PieCrust Team

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