Pin an element to a certain position in the viewpoint of the user

I want to build a similar element like the “Built on bubble” below. I.e. an element/button that always stays at a certain position of the viewpoint of the user regardless of the size of the screen.

I tried to use some floating group tricks, but I could not manage to solve this. Do you have any idea? thanks

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Hi @sensei01 -

If you are using a Floating Group, did you check if the float is relative to Vertical & Horizontal as Bottom & Right. (See settings screenshot below).

You may also have to mark it to be as fixed-width, along with adding that element on the page itself (not within any groups on the page)

Hope that helps.

Floating group bottom right should work.

If not you can use CSS by assigning it a element ID.

thanks @partha this works

Glad that helped!

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