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Placeholder text dropdown value

Does anyone know how to add text to the empty value inside a dropdown placeholder value? I tried using JavaScript and CSS, it didn’t work for me.

ps: Got several comments on how to create a workaround around this, that’s not what I’m looking for. I’m looking for a way to fill in some text in the empty placeholder when focused.

Looking forward to some tips and tricks here. Currently doing a workaround to reset the dropdown whenever the value changes to a blank value.


Check ‘this input shouldn’t be empty’.

That’s not an option, I want the empty placeholder to contain the Placeholder text as I need to allow resetting the filters in an easy way customers can understand. I know about the workarounds but I’m looking specifically for this solution as it’s part of my UX.

I appreciate your advice though. Thanks!

You can build a custom drop-down using input field and repeating group.

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That’s true, I’ve done that several times for clients. I do find that an inefficient way of working as it’s not something I want to do for every project, especially my personal projects. Which in this case, it’s a personal project.

@Bubble Please add a simple placeholder for us :wink:




You’re unbelievable. I love it, thanks Sergey!


This is great!!!

Thanks :wink:

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Wonderful !

Hey Any idea if it’s possible to have this HTML only effect one dropdown on the page instead of all of them? Possible to select by ID or something?

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Yes, sure!


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