Please, can someone help me with Custom State?

Within my Technical Data Sheet Repeating group, I have an input that calculates the cost in relation to the ingredient that is shown in each line. This calculation to keep updated is not saved in the database, it just calculates based on the name of each ingredient that appears in the current line. I need the sum total of it, in an input outside the repeating group. I’ve already tested custom state, but as far as I got was in the value of one of the lines, when I clicked on that current line. I’ve tested the plugin and it didn’t work either. can anybody help me?

This plugin by @gaurav may help.

Here are the docs:
Repeating Group Tools

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Thank you Dillon_Schade

Where u able to solve this?

I still haven’t found a solution to this problem with just the custom state to add the numbers that are in my repeating group, without needing a plugin for that.

I didn’t understand which values go into the repeating group, and what your paramenters to sum

Captura de tela 2023-06-09 191225

Sorry if I didn’t explain well.

I have this repeating group, which has the name of the ingredient and the amount of each one, in that input that has the arrow I do a calculation on it. What I want is to add each of the results that are in that input. I’m not able to do it by Custom state, or I’m doing it with wrong references.

Try this one.

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Thanks ! I will try with him

How are you setting the custom state currently. If your input in the rg has a “when this input value is changed” event then it should work without any plugins.

Just add the previous custom state value to the inputs value.


Yes, I used the repeating group’s custom state in the workflow action. In “when this input value is changed” of the input I want to sum. I added the set state of the repeating group.
But nothing happens… I even put that custom state value in an input but I didn’t get any value.

Can you share a screenshot of the workflow.

in these images, I’m trying to use the Orchestra plugin to sum the values ​​that are in my repeating group.

but still, it’s not working.

(Note: I have never used custom state for anything in my project, this is the first time.)

This custom state that I used is from the group that is inside my repeating group. But what “worked” the most so far was using the custom state of my own page.

Can you just redo this calculation when setting the state? I’m assuming you’re already using current cells thingy

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I don’t know how to do that, I’m confused about seeing the result of the actions I created with Orchestra.
And the custom state I’m using is the main page, it’s of type number and list.

I don’t know if the result of Orchestra is stored in the custom state. I added the custom state in my sum result input, but it didn’t show anything, not even when clicking on the button that “initializes” the Trigger musicians under Maestro A call

Could you help me with the step by step?

I just got it! thank you very much for the tip about the Orchestra plugin.

What I did was add the name of a class in musicians.

I hadn’t done that. And also in my repeating group I left the fixed number of lines unchecked, as it was adding only the current page. I’m very happy thanks to everyone who helped me😊


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